Prožijte jižní Moravu netradičně

Zážitek je jediná věc na světě, která Vám zůstane navždy. Prožijte proto ty nejdůležitější chvíle s rodinou, přáteli a obchodními partnery na originálních místech s neopakovatelnou atmosférou.


Places of unforgettable encounters

Until recent times, the place for two people to say “I do” with the intentions to embark on a common journey through life was only a a simple choice between a church and the town hall. But times have changed. From the experience of many pairs and their relatives, the enviroment makes a great difference in the memories. The more it is distant from the everyday surroundings, the more we tend to remember it. This rule can be applied to other, less significant but also very important events, such as a conference or a congress meeting of an expert or social organisation, meetings for „getting in tune“, consolidating the cooperative spirit and building up the team. These, too, do not need to be held in traditional lecture halls or congress centres and they can be even accompanied by an additional activities program, filling out the free time. For those who want to enrich their encounters with this dimension of an everlasting memory, the Centrála cestovního ruchu – Jižní Morava selected the twenty most attractive places in the South-Moravian region. This catalogue of non-traditional places for non-traditional meetings brings them to Your attention. They range from man-made monuments, literally touched by historical events, to exceptional monuments of the nautre itself. The catalogue contains all the necessary contact information, the only thing You have to do is browse through it and decide....

Tourist Authority – South Moravia

Tips for unusual place

Chateau Slavkov - Austerlitz

Address: Palackého nám. 1, Slavkov u Brna
Maximum capacity: 400 theatre

DRFG Arena

Address: Křídlovická 34, Brno
Maximum capacity: 4200 theatre

Brno City Museum

Address: Špilberk 210/1, Brno
Maximum capacity: 600 theatre
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  • Evropská unie, evropský fond pro regionální rozvoj
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